Monday, 11 December 2017

How to play YouTube audio in background on iPhone - iPad

Have you ever played a video or a song on YouTube, only to find that it stops as shortly as you navigate to a different app on your phone? This issue is very frustrating. However, there's luckily an answer to the current problem, which is able to be shared within the following tutorial

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Many users experience problems with youtube – each the app and through a browser like safari – stopping playback as soon as another app is opened or the page is left. unfortunately, using the control center isn't useful in resolution this drawback. it's possible that YouTube prevents users from enjoying youtube within the background so as to increase sales for YouTube Red. This product are going to be discussed more on within the article. What many people don't recognize, is that there's truly a free method of enabling YouTube background enjoying on your iPhone or iPad. This free method is accomplished by turning on private Browsing. private Browing may be a operate that allows for web site browsing.

Complete the following steps to alter this:

STEP 1: Open safari on your iPhone or iPad.

STEP 2:Click on the Tabs icon.

STEP 3:Click on “Private” to turn on private browsing.

STEP 4:YouTube videos should currently be enabled to play within the background at all times!

Hopefully this procedure has taught you ways to fix the problem of inability to play YouTube videos in the background of associate degree iOS iPhone or iPad device. whether or not through buying YouTube Red or through victimization the free methodology, ne'er worry regarding missing out on productivity again! Play YouTube videos anyplace, anytime, and whereas doing something you'd like.