Thursday, 9 November 2017

How to Use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

The feature helps you to create your own virtual debit card – the Apple pay cash card once you’ve connected your bank account to Apple Pay. you'll be able to then add money to the present card, send cash to your friends, receive cash and withdraw money to your bank account. there's no fee for using Apple pay cash.

How to Enable Apple Pay Cash

Step 1: go to Settings -& wallet & Apple Pay and toggle on Apple pay cash.

Step 2: You’ll see your Apple pay cash card below (it can say Not set up). Tap on it.

Step 3: tap on Continue, agree to the terms and look forward to Apple Pay to speak to your checking account. If everything works fine, you’ll find that your Apple pay card was created.

Step 4: You’ll then need to connect with a bank’s debit card. simply scan your debit card using the camera and you’ll be done.

How to Add Money to Apple Pay Cash

Step 1: From the wallet and Apple Pay section tap on Apple pay.

Step 2: Here, tap on Add cash.

Step 3: choose the number and tap on the Add button.

Step 4: authenticate using touch ID or Face ID and you’re done.

How to Send and Recieve Money using Apple Pay Cash

Step 1: Open the conversation in Messages app and choose the App Store icon.

Step 2: From the iMessage App Drawer below, tap on latest Apple Pay icon (next to the App Store icon).

Step 3: tap on the dollar sign to type within the amount.

Step 4: depending on whether or not you want to send or receive, choose the relevant option.

Step 5: You’ll see a little preview within the text box. tap on the Send button.

Step 6: If you’re sending cash, you’ll need to authenticate using touch ID or Face ID.

When the other person accepts your cash or sends you the requested money, you’ll see it within the conversation.


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