Thursday, 2 November 2017


There are several of the people that had a dream of turning into a blogger. and many of individuals wish to be a decent web designer. however in each the cases, there's a skill needed named coding. Right….??

Well absolutely not. Yes, you're getting correct. You don’t want any of the coding skill to get your web site designed. There are several of the software and applications are available within the market which may be used to style a web site while not having a knowledge of coding. however do you know that one is better software ANd that one will style an awesome and web site that feels to eyes.

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I think you don’t. because getting a better different of designing a web site while not coding isn't that much easy however additionally not powerful. however what we want may be a smart knowledge about the worst and the best.

So, here are a number of the names that help in designing the web site while not coding
Godaddy Website Tool And much more……
But the best among these all is WordPress. Now, there'll be an issue in your mind. Why WordPress is Best….? Well, it’s basic to suppose why WordPress is best? And it’s additionally a sign of fine learner to think about “Why?”.

WordPress is best thanks to several reasons and every one the explanations are clearly mentioned and explained down the post. thus don’t miss it or skip it.

Reason No 1
WordPress could be a wide community that provides support & service 24×7.

Reason No 2
WordPress is simple to put in in any of the hosting purchased from any of the hosting service supplier company. And you'll be able to also obtain a website and hosting from WordPress itself.

Reason No 3
Design & Templates – WordPress has 1500+ free totally responsive templates which offer a reasonably and impressive look to your journal. you'll be able to additionally purchase the templates from thousands of paid themes. each free theme has their professional versions too, which might even be purchased.

Reason 4
Plugins – As each smartphone need some software to perform multiple tasks. within the same method, WordPress need some plugins to work higher. And there area unit 10000+ free and paid plugins on the market which might be used on your blogs and websites.

Reason 5
Multiple User – you'll be able to add multiple user and authors to your blogs using the e-mail address of a user in precisely easy steps.

Reason 6
In WordPress, you can use all the fundamental options a website have. Either it's a news report or push notification. you'll be able to additionally add Facebook and Twitter walls for commenting and like share. With these options, your guests will check in for newsletters and far a lot of.

So, these area unit my reasons for what I used WordPress all told my designed websites. And all told my blogs i exploit WordPress for an equivalent reasons too.