Thursday, 20 September 2018

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android phones

If you're a smartphone user for a extended enough period, you must remember that the iOS OS is one of the most secure ecosystems out there. that might so build it a very closed system and so transferring the info from an iPhone is the toughest ever challenge you'd ever face. But, you need not fret. There are a number of solutions that tend to create it easy for you. we are going to discuss a number of solutions that might help you transfer information from iPhone to android a very easy affair. 

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Well, currently that you have chosen to opt to create a switch from iPhone to android, allow us to check a few strategies which will be wont to transfer data from iPhone to android through easy steps.

Method  – Use Dr.fone 1-Click Solution to transfer data from iPhone to Android

Here are the steps you need to use this tool to transfer data.

STEP 1:Download and install Dr.fone on your computer. You can download it from the official link

STEP 2:Launch Dr.fone recovery tool on your device.

STEP3 :On the homepage, click on the Switch option.

STEP 4: Connect both of your devices to the computer using the USB cable. Both iPhone and Android should be detected and shown on the tool interface.

STEP 5 : Select the files and other data you want to transfer from your iPhone to Android device and click on Start Transfer. Your files should now be copied. Once done, you will be prompted with a confirmation dialogue box.

  • Wait patiently till the file the data transfer from iPhone too Android is completed If your Android device has any unneeded files saved, you may check the box for Clear Data Before Copy option.
That should do it. You have successfully completed the data transfer from iPhone to Android. Your task of iPhone to Android transfer is completed with just a simple One-Click operation without much you have to do. Ensure that you have signed in to your accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and similar other profiles so that contacts within them is copied and transferred.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

How to Remove a Number from Truecaller ID?

Truecaller is an app that allows you to visualize the identity of a caller that's not on your list. even if you decision somebody who doesn’t have your number saved in his contact list, this app will reveal your identity to the decision recipient if he has Truecaller put in on his phone.

This multi-platform app is ready to do this by collecting contact details from the address books of all its users and turn this into a info it always refers to once a decision is formed by any number registered within the app’s info.

Even if you haven’t used the service before, don’t be stunned that you simply contact details like name and number might already be registered on the Truecaller’s info. you will be wondering however that's possible. Well, somebody who has your contact details saved on his or her mobile phone might have given the app access to your details, while not your information and consent.

Sometimes, Truecaller consults public information sources for the contact details. In some cases, your registered home address may also be accessed by somebody who has access to your landline since such folks will simply notice your address from any public phonebook or by checking out the number on Google. That’s however vulnerable the thought of getting your variety and other contact details in public places makes you.

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Since you won’t fancy the thought of a stranger paying you a visit at home or if you'll rather favor to keep anonymous when making calls,  it may|be imperative that you simply may use the Truecaller unlist choice to take away your variety from the app.

How to unlist your phone number from Truecaller?

Android Phones:  

If you're an android user, follow these easy steps to access the Truecaller unlist choice and use it to remove your number from the Truecaller database:

STEP 1: Open the Truecaller app on your Android mobile

STEP2 :You will see the people icon in the upper left corner of your device, tap 

STEP3 :Go to the Settings menu.

STEP 4:  Tap About.

STEP 5:Tap Deactivate account. A new box will pop up with a Yes/No option



  1. Open the app on your mobile phone.
  2. Check the top right corner for a gear icon and tap it. That’s the “More” tab.
  3. Tap About

4.Tap Deactivate account.

5.Tap “Yes

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How to Download Instagram Videos on Phone and PC

Instagram is the fascinating app to present youth, giving associate tempting platform to post their photos and videos. With lovely and beautiful posts, individuals begin gaining the eye of the web crowd. From celebrities to college students, everybody started posting their current status within the kind of image or video to Instagram, letting the planet know what's trending.

We see several charming and appealing videos on Instagram, that we tend to like to download and check up on on your phone or computer again and again. however not several square measure alert to the method to download them with ease as Instagram doesn’t offer you fast right click download choices. we'd like to use a number of extra apps to follow downloading and watch videos later. Today, i'm excited to indicate the way to download videos from Instagram to your mobile, pc or any device in distinct ways that.

Check out details to find out the way to download Instagram Videos on phone and computer in exactly a number of minutes. we've fantastic tricks to indicate you ways to download Instagram Videos on pc, within the most convenient approach.

How to download Instagram videos on Android phone?

Let me begin by telling you about a way to download Instagram Videos on android phone. Most of the users have android mobiles, virtually 80th of the web users, so let me show you an uncomplicated methodology to download your most cherished videos on Instagram.

We have “Video Downloader for Instagram” app to offer a simple way to download your favored videos. using this app, you'll be able to transfer videos in a very most comfy and fastest possible approach. Follow the detailed steps to find out about a way to download mistreatment video Downloader app.

Step 1 . Open Instagram and select the video which you want to download and click on three dots which are existing on top of the particular post. Click on copy link..

Step 2: Open “ video downloader from Instagram “ app and paste the URL in the field, click on paste.

Step 3: As soon as you click on paste, the message will pop up as “video saved.”

Step 4: You can check the downloaded video in the history tab.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

How to take a screenshot on Android, Mac,iPhone, Windows

Taking screenshot has been an excellent way to act with somebody or to recollect something. it's the simplest way to grab the screen. If you would like to share a funny photograph of your friend, a screenshot is extremely useful. it's simply the tip of the iceberg.

It is super simple to take a screenshot as long as you know what to press. Since each smartphone whole may not have the same technique to require a screenshot, we are going to tell you ways in this article.

How to take a screenshot on Android

How To Take a Screenshot on a Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on an iPhone and iPad

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Monday, 9 July 2018

How To Fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Error


Unfortunately, Google Play services has stopped error whereas operating your android phone? If your answer is yes, then you may have tried to mend it and nothing worked out. and the error seems all the time whenever you open any Apps on your device, isn’t it? Don’t worry, there ar a number of ways that to resolve this problem. You don’t got to be a genius on android to come back across errors and bugs every time. The open-source nature of the android OS makes it nice for freedom of use.

Method – 1: By Updating the Google Play Service App

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Monday, 12 March 2018

Free Directory Submission Sites List


If somebody asked you the biggest problem that you faced in improving your website’s traffic, what would you say? Well, the general public would say search engine rankings. however to boost your website’s rank in search engines, you would like to make a major number of backlinks pointing towards your blog or web site! you'll be able to simply achieve this by submitting your blog or website to various high-quality general or niche directories.

Directory submission sites being the cornerstone of any SEO strategy, help improve the rank of your blog or web site in program rank pages (SERPs). Improved rankings in search engines will drive unlimited free traffic to your blog or web site.

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1 activesearchresults.com
2 entireweb.com
3 dmoz.org
4 bizsugar.com
5 bookmark4you.com
6 gigablast.com
7 exactseek.com
8 secretsearchenginelabs.com
9 viesearch.com
10 somuch.com
11 jayde.com
12 usalistingdirectory.com
13 linkcentre.com
14 addurl.nu
15 intelseek.com
16 a1webdirectory.org
17 sociopost.com
18 dizila.com
19 infotiger.com
20 botid.org
21 sonicrun.com
22 sitepromotiondirectory.com
23 marketinginternetdirectory.com
24 businessseek.biz
25 abc-directory.com
26 highrankdirectory.com
27 usgeo.org
28 1abc.org
29 addbusiness.net
30 ranaf.com

And also read -Popular Social Media Optimization Sites List

31 cipinet.com
32 yemle.com
33 submissionwebdirectory.com
34 firstppt.com
35 ananar.com
36 freeticketopen.com
37 onlinesociety.org
38 livepopular.com
39 indofeed.com
40 zebralinks.com
41 seodirectoryonline.org
42 bestseodirectory.net
43 siteswebdirectory.com
44 generalshoppingdirectory.com
45 generalbusinesswebdirectory.com
46 directory-free.com
47 thinkfla.com
48 1websdirectory.com
49 elitesitesdirectory.com
50 onemilliondirectory.com
51 nonar.com
52 bedwan.com
53 freetoprankdirectory.com
54 happal.com
55 momsdirectory.net
56 mastermoz.com
57 obln.org
58 acewebdirectory.com
59 freedirectorysubmit.com
60 247webdirectory.com
61 royallinkup.com
62 hdvconnect.com
63 wldirectory.com
64 wewebware.com
65 directoryseo.biz
66 handtucher.net
67 evolvingcritic.com
68 link-minded.com
69 prolinkdirectory.com
70 jewana.com
71 alistdirectory.com
72 busybits.com
73 usawebsitesdirectory.com
74 loadspy.com
75 bari.biz
76 linkpedia.net
77 mugro.info
78 eslovar.com
79 thalesdirectory.com
80 info-listings.com
81 idahoindex.com
82 amray.com
83 galyeannursery.com
84 likeddot.com
85 generaldirectorylistings.org
86 synergy-directory.com
87 one-sublime-directory.com
88 bobresources.com
89 mettablog.com
90 dondir.com
91 10directory.com
92 add-oncon.com
93 vip7star.com
94 ewebresource.com
95 cirdra.com
96 weboworld.com
97 braniewo.net
98 thedirectorylistings.org
99 linkroo.com
100 tsection.com
101 linkdir4u.com
102 openfaves.com
103 alive-directory.com
104 alabamaindex.com
105 bestdirectory4you.com
106 triplewdirectory.com
107 canadawebdir.com
108 caida.eu
109 dir.org.vn
110 directoryworld.net
111 ellysdirectory.com
112 zexro.info
113 mioola.com
114 1m1.biz
115 targetsviews.com
116 digabusiness.com
117 promotehour.com
118 blahoo.net
119 linkslive.info
120 master.org.in
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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

how to access with Google apps new features

The Google app for android and iOS has undergone many changes within the previous few months. The layout has been redesigned, Google cards have been replaced with a lot of dynamic personalised feeds, updates from emails, calendar, and time period show separately within the upcoming section. The not-so-popular options like Tappable Shortcuts, that added a bunch of simply identifiable shortcuts on the homepage for fast access to apps and activities, was recently dropped from the Google app.
Here are a number of the recently added options in Google app that build it a lot of helpful than before.
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Thursday, 15 February 2018

How to add bank accounts for WhatsApp Payments and How to send money via WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp Payments feature is finally live across world. Backed by Unified Payments Interface (UPI), the WhatsApp Payments feature is on the market on each android and iOS. With this, you'll currently be ready to send and receive on to your checking bank account (p2p). However, you'll not be ready to pay to merchants as of currently. To do so, can|you'll|you may} ought to add the shopkeeper as a contact so follow the steps to send cash such as you will do for the other WhatsApp friend of yours.

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

how To Make Your Mobile Not Reachable

Many times in our lives this case happens once we dont want to pickup calls from unwanted people that are continuously bothering and irritating us by calling endlessly and generally the situation is therefore worse that we will not even throw our cellphone to avoid these calls. So here i'm telling you some tricks in order that once you bed , your caller can hear the message from your service supplier expression "The variety you're attempting to succeed in is out of coverage space kindly please strive when someday many thanks " and he can suppose that there should be some network drawback. I hope these tricks solve your purpose upto some extent.


First technique is very easy and largely utilized by many people already. All you've got to try to to is to drag out the battery of your cellphone without switching it off. This trick works on almost every mobile phone.


Go to Menu /Apps > Settings > Network and Operator settings > Network selection.
By default your phone are going to be on automatic network selection. modification it to manual. it'll begin finding out all possible network providers in your area. currently choose some network name other than your actual network supplier. it will show an error message and your phone will lose network. currently simply leave the phone as it is. When you would like to get back within the network simply move to the settings and make it automatic again.


Today nearly each phone has flight mode or airplane mode. simply put your phone to flight mode after you would like to not irritated by unwanted callers. however beware because this trick doesnt work with all phones and a few phones come this as switched off mode. i might suggest that test it before using If you've got data connection or GPRS activated on your phone then this trick is for you.

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Friday, 19 January 2018

Malware Removal Software for Windows and mac

One of the largest problem that comes handy with current technology is that the malware. From virus/ransomware attached to ads, all are a section of this vicious circle of malware. However, as each problem encompasses a answer, you'll be able to arranged this case with the assistance of best malware removal software.
Used for various purposes and editions like for anti-virus, anti-phishing, adware etc. every of them comes with totally different features. Still curious that one is that the best for your system? this can be the time that you simply ought to have a glance at this list of best malware removal program that is comprised right below beside each necessary detail mentioned.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware:

A program that completely deserves to be within the list of top ten malware remover software is Malwarebytes anti Malware program. Used vehemently and wide for each home and business use, this program ensures hindrance from not solely unhealthy virus however conjointly everything relevant which may cause troubles in your system.The smart technology utilized by Malwarebytes takes a much bigger image in perspective and works on everything like internet protection, exploit mitigation, application hardening, application behavior protection etc.
However, the fundamental set up that is for free of charge is compatible to solely windows. you'll select advanced services with premium set up cost accounting $59.99 p.a. and might be used for up to ten devices. examination it to alternative such best malware removal code, i believe it's quite cheap.

Compatible with: WINDOWS MAC, ANDROID

DOWNLOAD LINK : https://www.malwarebytes.com/

SpyBot Search and Destroy :

SpyBot works specifically like its name and thence detects and destroy every kind of malware in real time solely. with the exception of Search and Destroy, SpyBot offers alternative programs too like FileAlyzer, RegAlyzer, Anti-Beacon etc. However, once it involves malware removal Search and Destroy program works the most effective. Being one amongst the most effective malware removal software, provides it options like complete security package, antivirus protection, ransomware protection etc. though a number of the services comes underneath the paid set up and solely the basics one area unit accessible in free version.

Compatible with: WINDOWS

DOWNLOAD LINK :https://www.safer-networking.org

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition:

Bitdefender isn't simply another best free malware remover program however really, a reward winning and critically acclaimed product for saving your system from all the malware potential. As i'm talking regarding the free edition, you're getting to get everything for free of charge here. However, there's a catch that this edition isn't an entire version of the services. And if you wish to urge the complete edition then you'd have to be compelled to pass away for $49.99 that offers total security for your system.

DOWNLOAD LINK :https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/free.html

Compatible with: WINDOWS MAC, ANDROID

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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Popular Social Media Optimization Sites List

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Top High PR Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites List

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Social Bookmarking Sites List Without Registration

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